Housemaid,25, Rapes Employer’s 7-year Old Girl

Housemaid,25, Rapes Employer’s 7-year Old Girl

Police operatives from Ejigbo Division of the Lagos State Command led by CSP Olabisi Okuwobi have arrested a 25-year old house maid who allegedly engaged her employer’s 7-year old girl in sex and defiled her.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the house maid, Blessing Yurami, traumatized the little girl by stripping herself naked and engaging her in sex by penetrating the girl’s private part with her finger in order to satisfy her sexual desire.

The incident happened at Ejigbo area of Lagos, where they reside.

According to the residents, the house maid, Blessing, who hails from Taraba State, was engaged through an agent online search but it turned out that she was a lesbian and started molesting the little girl.

She was said to have intimidated her when the girl’s parents were not around and stripped naked and sang love song to the little girl.

According to the victim, Blessing came to their sitting room and started singing love song like “Baby girl sexy girl z I want your ass”.

She said after the love song, Blessing inserted her finger into her private part, thereafter released on her body and went to clean up.

The girl said that after the incident she had been terribly afraid as she was shocked to see Blessing’s nakedness which had registered in her memory.

The matter got exposed after the little girl started crying and her mother asked to know what her problem was, she narrated what happened.

The incident was reported to the Police at Ejigbo Division and the house maid, Blessing, was arrested and detained for interrogation over the act.

The suspect, Blessing, denied the allegation but was unable to explain why the victim was crying and asked her parents to send her away.

When P.M.EXPRESS correspondent visited the Ejigbo Police Division, he was told that the matter has been transferred to the Zone D Command for proper investigation.

The source said that Blessing will be charged to Court for the alleged offence which attracts several years of imprisonment if she is tried and found guilty.



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