#ENDSARS Protest: The Product Of Corrupt Leaders

#ENDSARS Protest: The Product Of Corrupt Leaders

It has become a norm for Nigerians to be living in pains, smiling while enduring inhuman situations that are bestowed on them by the reckless, senseless, headless and avaricious leadership system of our political actors. It has been a thing of the survival of the most corrupt, enveloping the syndrome of ‘if you can’t beat them you join them’, while the righteous are referred to as the odd and mean individuals.

Virtually in every public office, you must be extorted by the public office holders to have your demands done aside the due payment tagged on it by government authorities. Extortion became our way of survival and if you resist the system, you will be denied your right unless you have somebody up there to speak and act for you. A system where in order to escape being a nobody, you must know somebody that knows somebody in order for you to be regarded as somebody.

It is a total display of the dance of a drunk. No direction! No correction!! No justice!!! If you must have justice, it must be bought or influenced by somebody up there. And at the end, the cost of securing justice will be higher than the value of the justice itself. What a pyrrhic justice!

Nigeria has become a typical example of a wandering nation in the desert of sins, driven by daredevils.

The security agents were not left out in the show of shame. They became thorns in the flesh of civilians. The whole scenario is nothing but nonsense drawn from the pond of illiteracy in the malodorous region of barbarism.

No truth can be truer than the truth! Police are victims of deprivations too! They are placed in a very tight corner by our evil political leadership settings and have them manipulated through a bad Police organogram that restricts them from revolting while their superior shares from the national cake with politicians and force his subordinates to work on empty stomach under harsh conditions and without adequate tools. Police Trust Funds remain the property of Police chiefs. This inhuman political circle pushes the helpless Police to search for alternative surviving routes in the abandoned valley of ‘man must survive’.

Though their frustrations were wrongly poured on civilians, who are their co-victims of deprivations, but attacking the Police will amount to nothing good for we have to work hand in hand with them to bring corrupt politicians to book. It is the corrupt political leaders that need attack. You don’t leave image and start chasing shadow. If the image is dragged away, the shadow will follow suit.

The Lekki toll gate’s black Tuesday killing of protesters reveals the true mindset of our political actors. The man, who steals public funds, can never have regards for public lives; for it takes an evil mind to steal public funds at the detriment of our collective future and pretend as if nothing wrong was done.

Politicians turned monsters to quell up #EndSARS protest by using the myopic and short sighted in our military to kill armless civilians in their bid to kill the protest before it turns on them. They armed hoodlums to attack protesters, organised #ProSARS protest to counter #EndSARS protest and sponsored thugs to act as #EndSARS protesters to rain havoc on public properties in order to blackmail the protest and call for action against peaceful protesters. They don’t want the #EndSARS to be translated to #KillTheCorrupt. They know that they are the true problems and the mother of all crimes. There is no way we can have a better well paid Police system and a just society without having accountable and corruption free leadership system that will ensure good behavior in all spheres of our public settings.

There is a draconian decree that will solve all our questions that have been begging for answers. And if they need a life to make the law an irreversible decree that will guide our constitution and linger on from our generation till eternity, with great humility and with a total submission of everything in me, I offer mine.




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