#EndSARS: “We’ll Kill Anybody Protesting After 48hrs

#EndSARS: “We’ll Kill Anybody Protesting After 48hrs

Some young men and women who paraded themselves as the Indigenous people of Abuja marched to the police headquarters yesterday, they called in the Inspector General of Police to intervene in the #EndSARS peaceful protest going around in the country

The Inspector General of Police representative was there to attend to them as they tender their request to him, while speaking to the IGP representative, the people said they are not against the people’s request neither are they against the police reforms but they are tired of road block by the protesters.

They said they are giving the Inspector General of police 48 hours to take actions against any EndSARS protesters, noting they are the indigenous citizens of Abuja, that all the protesters should go to their mothers land to protest.

What they said they shook me most was when they said “THEY WILL KILL ANYBODY CAUGHT PROTESTING AFTER 48 HOURS” how can a man or group of people make such claim in a country bound by law.

They said the protest was peaceful and well mannered before but it has been hijacked for political reasons and they need the protesters to step down and stop protesting.

The The DIG of Police, Leye Oyebade received the letter on behalf of the IG and addresses the young men and women.



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