Why Lady Treasure Nduka Will Submit Her Bra To Police For lInvestigation

Why Lady Treasure Nduka Will Submit Her Bra To Police For lInvestigation

A lady, Miss Treasure Nduka, who alleged that the Police arrested and forced her to remove her bra during the arrest of #EndSARS protesters in Surulere area, has been invited to come with her bra as exhibit to prove that she was actually assaulted by the Police in Lagos.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that this became necessary following the arrest of the officers in question, who were said to be undergoing room trial for gross misconduct over the act.

The arrest of the Police officers was confirmed by the Police Public Relations Officer, SP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who said that the officers have been arrested and undergoing room trial at the State Command.

He also said that the lady, Treasure, has been invited to the Police Command as witness against the officers because the Police do not condone misconduct.

The implication is that Treasure will submit her bra and make statement as witness in order to prove that they actually committed the alleged offence and for possible prosecution.

He said that the victim, Treasure Nduka, has equally been invited to prove the allegations against the security operatives clamping down on youths expressing their displeasure over the growing rate of Police brutality in the country.

According to Treasure, “It was really peaceful at the beginning. We didn’t know it was going to the extent of security operatives shooting at us”.

“When the shooting started, I refused to believe that they were shooting. It sounded like a knockout. We heard the first one from afar and we saw people running, but I insisted that we should take our stand. I was not doing anything wrong, so I didn’t feel the need to run. All of a sudden, I saw some Policemen come out and then I realised that this is actually for real.”

“I did not know who to reach out to. The only people, who were aware, were brothers who had told me not to come out. I saw a Policeman running towards me. He dragged me and I was calling out for people to do something. A bunch of other Policemen assisted him in dragging me. I was helpless. It was me against 10 0f them. They kept hitting me. I only tried to cover my face so that I don’t get hit on the face. I could not place an identity on any of them because it was all of them present at that point.”

“They said I should pull off my bra. Then, I took off my bra. Everything they did was so unconstitutional.”

Nduka and her colleagues were released after the intervention of Femi Gbajabiamila, Speaker of the House Representatives.



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