Touching Story Of Woman Who Has 2 Private Parts

Touching Story Of Woman Who Has 2 Private Parts

Elizabeth Amoaa is a woman who was born with two wombs, two cervixes, two vagna’s. Elizabeth is a woman who hails from Ghana, but she’s now living in Walsall, Birmingham. Back then in 2015, Elizabeth was diagnosed with uterus didelphys. She had a lot of years feeling pains and she didn’t understand her state of Life. When Elizabeth was healed of this disease, she made known that she had never heard of that disease but she made known that the doctor explained it all to her. The mystery about this thing is that this woman, Elizabeth was born this way. During her lifetime, she claimed that she has had and complained of a lot of lower back pain, stomach pain, viginal thrusts, different and mysterious types of menstruation, and more. Later, she was hen diagnosed with Uterine fibroids. This fibroid condition made it difficult for Elizabeth to have a child.
Successfully for Elizabeth, after a few months, she conceived and now has a daughter. She made known also that her pregnancy was not a Rose at the time she spoke.
Elizabeth Amoaa, lived a life of pain but now she’s happy with her daughter. She may have never dream of having a child but she didn’t give up. 



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