Rubber Stamp Chairman: Onilolobo Orders Egbe Idimu LCDA To Sack Special Adviser Over Support For Oluomo

Rubber Stamp Chairman: Onilolobo Orders Egbe Idimu LCDA To Sack Special Adviser Over Support For Oluomo

The issue of impunity and imposition of candidates for elective positions raised by the youths in Alimosho local government Area  in Lagos against leadership have clearly manifested following the recent development in Egbe- Idimu LCDA.P.M.EXPRESS reports that the leader of G18 led by Alhaji Abdullahi Enilolobo reportedly directed the Egbe-Idimu LCDA, Mr Kunle Oluwopojo to sack his special assistance, Odunewu Folorunsho for following Prince Idris Balogun popularly known as Oluomo Kafata who has declared his interest to Contest for Federal House of Representatives in 2023.The Executive chairman of Egbe Idimu LCDA, Hon. Oluwapojo promptly called Forunsho on phone and sacked him just like rubber stamp chairman and asked him not to come to the LCDA secretariat any longer because Onilobo has said so. Mr Forunsho was Special Adviser to the Chairman on special duties and Civic engagement before the sack came and efforts to speak with the Chairman of Egbe-Idimu over the sack proved abortive. Sources said he doesn’t not speak to Press as was directed by Alimosho leadership.Confirming what happened, Mr Forunsho said he has been an active member of APC in Egbe-Idimu and have worked hard during elections in Alimosho Local government as a whole.He said that when the Chairman was elected, he appointed him as his Special Adviser which he has performing until on Thursday when he received call from the Executive chairman sacking him on phone.Forunsho said: The executive chairman called him and said  that the party leadership led by Onilobo has being calling him and directed his sack  because he was following Oluomo who was aspiring to contest for election then warned him not to come to the LCDA office any longer.Forunsho is not the only youth affected since Oluomo declared his interest to contest for the coming election after the youths in Alimosho nominated him to contest for the position because of his kindness to the people in Alimosho which he accepted.The leadership were said to have been panicking because of the popularity of Oluomo and they resort in threatening both the neglected youths in Alimosho and Oluomo including his associates and their businesses, to intimidate them to back out from their demands for equity and fairness.The Youths have since passed the vote of no confidence on the Alimosho leadership led by Onilobo who have pioneered tbe affairs of the Party for over 20 years and insisted that they must step aside for another set of take over to move Alimosho forward.


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